Birch Jewellery

Birch Jewellery is a collection of Canadian-made jewellery inspired by nature. Designed and handmade in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. From tiny pine cone necklaces to sparkly gemstone-inspired studs, there is something for every nature-lover to adore. Checkout our Shopify Store.

Birch Artisan Studio

Founded in 2013, and located in Victoria, B.C.; Birch Artisan Studio was built on the belief that we are all connected, to each other and our world, that we can all make a difference… individually, in our communities and globally.

Celebrate your story, and the people, places and experiences you hold in your heart with handcrafted jewelry that goes beyond the sum of the materials. Checkout our Shopify Store

BEL Jewelry Boutique

Based in Red Deer, Alberta, their story began selling jewelry at farmer’s markets and craft shows in 2011. Before they knew it (and a few road trips later), they had expanded from Victoria to Charlottetown. Bel Jewelry is inspired by nature and all things vintage, and focuses on hand-crafted and locally-made. Checkout our Shopify Store.

K. Ross Creations

Located in the Niagara Region Kristen’s fate stepped in with the sad passing of her lovely Nana, a seamstress by trade. Little did Kristin know that when she requested her late grandmother's trove of buttons she would be embarking on a new path. That collection of buttons led the way to the fine vintage button jewelry that Kristin is renowned for today. Checkout our Shopify Store

L. Carr Designs

Located in a quaint studio in Wainfleet, Ontario, Lynda’s jewelry is designed from pot lids, serving trays, butter dish lids, bread plates, serving bowls … anything unique that can be recycled into jewelry. Her line includes earrings, bracelets and exquisite necklaces. Checkout our Shopify Store

Small Town Silver

Located in Athens, Ontario, Abbey (mother of 4) creates jewelry from vintage silverware; recycling spoons, knives and forks and turning them into stamped spoon necklaces, rings, bracelets and bookmarks. Checkout our Shopify Store

Royce & Oak

Royce & Oak is known for their stainless steel geometric jewelry. A female-founded, Canadian brand based in Edmonton, Alberta. We are excited that we can say a portion of your purchase will support women in education. Let their jewelry take you from simple to sparkle!Checkout our Shopify Store

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